A marinade that transforms into a delicious glaze… Combine 1 tablespoon of Beet or Ginger ISH, 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard, 2 cloves crushed garlic, 3 tablespoons EVOO, a splash of champagne vinegar, 1 teaspoon honey/agave. Put mixture in a ziploc bag with 2 pork chops (approx. 1 lb) and marinade for 2-5 hours. Place chops in pre-heated pan and cover with half of the marinade; Saute on medium for 15 minutes. Flip the chops, cover with the remaining marinade and continuing to saute for 10 minutes longer. If you have some red wine, add a little to the pan just before the chops are finished cooking and stir. Spoon the glaze over the chops and enjoy!