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Horseradish makes people say ‘hello’

Dad and his horseradish are a legend on the streets of Chicago. So much so, that people he’s never met are compelled to approach him: “You’re Larry Sherman, aren’t you? I’ve heard about your horseradish!”

Dad’s horseradish brings out the worst in people

How else can you explain it, when kind, generous people stop serving your horseradish to their own friends & family? Over the years, Dad’s friends have confessed to loving his horseradish so much, that they won’t serve it at their traditional Passover seder – for fear it will be devoured in one night!

Hold the thin mint cookies! I’ll take the horseradish

How do you deliver 150 jars of horseradish? The girl scouts, of course! Just not the ones in green dresses… In this case, it’s Dad and his army of dear friends delivering ‘the goods’ door-to-door, to anxiously awaiting customers!

Dad forged the path on recycling

Dad practiced recycling before it was popular (outside of California, of course). Family friends helped the cause by collecting jars and dropping them off at our front door. (Making that much horseradish takes a lot of jars!) After all, a jar recycled, is a jar filled.