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8 Unique Passover Treats

April 2014: These traditional and Kosher picks make for festive hostess gifts and treats for the holiday. Beet ISH Premium Horseradish: Serve this vibrant fuchsia puree in place of your traditional maror for extra color and spice at dinner. To buy: $16 for one 8-ounce container, at

Rachel’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2013

December 2013: The Coolest Gifts Break out the wrapping paper, folks! The gifts I’m giving this year are so cool, you might just want to snag a few of them for yourself! Top off their holiday with this spicy gourmet condiment: fresh horseradish in zany flavors like beet, citrus and ginger. $10 and up,

A Family Tradition Built on Horseradish

January 25, 2013: Last Chance Foods Making horseradish runs in Carolyn Sherman’s family. Her father, Lawrence, started tinkering with the recipe more than three decades ago. “My dad couldn’t find a horseradish that he was satisfied with,” she said. “He thought [store-bought prepared horseradish] was bitter. The texture was like sawdust; it was pulpy.” The goal was  Continue Reading »

What to Eat Now

  July 31, 2012: Explore the Ever-Expanding Universe of Specialty Food Just when talking jelly beans, dancing waffles and people zipped into banana suits slipped to oh, so yesterday, food trucks rolled onto the 2012 Summer Fancy Food Show floor. Dispensing goodies, these on-trend vehicles spiked the already Disneyworld atmosphere of the National Association of  Continue Reading »

You’ll Want the Works

June 11 -18, 2012: Otherworldly Condiments to Elevate a Summer Cookout  Forget Heinz and French’s: The cookout condiment has gotten fancy. Click through our slideshow to see Anarchy in a Jar’s Original Sin chutney packed with peaches and apples, Let’s Be Frank’s currylike Devil Sauce, and more. Although it’s made in upstate New York in  Continue Reading »

Food Artisans

  May 22, 2012:  ISH Premium Horseradish When Carolyn Gutierrez and her siblings were trying to convince their father to retire, one of the arguments they used was that he “could be the next Paul Newman” with the beet horseradish he made for friends and family every Passover. “He didn’t bite,” Gutierrez says, “but I  Continue Reading »

ISH Horseradish Spices Things Up

April 30, 2012: New York Cocktails– Here in Brooklyn we are passionate about hand-crafted products. With the 2010 Spring launch of Smorgasburg, the outdoor Saturday food stand extravaganza, a handfull of new artisan products are on the scene. Between the various jams, salts, and other condiments, the possibilities for cocktailing are infinite. Among the  Continue Reading »

Tingling Sensation

April 9, 2012: Horseradish Goes Luxe Horseradish has our love–but in small doses. The gnarly root is famously known for its biting, sinus-clearing properties. Added by the conservative teaspoonful, it can make or break a Bloody Mary. But thanks to Carolyn Sherman, teaspoons have been swapped for larger measurements. Her new line, ISH (six jars  Continue Reading »

Do Justice By Your Dad

June 1, 2012: 12 Ways to Thank Your Dad A Father’s Day gift is a symbolic gesture of thanks. But that doesn’t mean the symbolism can’t be delicious the way horseradish-spiked beets or Thai-basil-scented jalapeños are. Both are featured in our Father’s Day Gift Guide… ISH has tamed nature’s fiery root in these superlative condiments  Continue Reading »