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The Idea

Dad started experimenting with horseradish over 35 years ago. A bit ironic, since Mom was the Julia Child disciple, but given Dad’s interest in farm-fresh—and his love for the family vegetable garden—it wasn’t all that surprising. After all, trips to local farm stands and visits to the Randolph Street market in Chicago were standard practice in our family. 

All the bushels and baskets and crates of beautiful produce gave Dad an idea: Buy horseradish root straight from the farmer (or wholesaler), and make his own prepared horseradish. One that had more than just heat… One that retained the freshness of the raw vegetable, and had real ‘flavor.’ For years, Dad had been searching for a beet horseradish worthy of sitting atop his mother-in-law’s Passover gefilte fish. This was the answer!