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If I had a penny

for the number of times I’ve heard, “where’s the gefilte fish?”, I’d be sitting pretty. But you don’t need gefilte fish to enjoy ISH. Of course, if you want to bring your own (BYO-GF), I’m happy to throw a dollop or two of ISH on top. After all, that’s where this all began….

ish. ish. ish. ish! ish? ish! ish! ish? Yes,… ISH!

This is what I hear at the market, all day long… People look at our sign/banner, and out it comes: ‘ish.’  Even when I’m not in earshot, I know they’re saying it because I can see their lips moving: ‘Ish.’ It’s really quite funny… good, funny!! People are intrigued. And that’s before they even get  Continue Reading »