April 30, 2012: New York Cocktails– Examiner.com

Here in Brooklyn we are passionate about hand-crafted products. With the 2010 Spring launch of Smorgasburg, the outdoor Saturday food stand extravaganza, a handfull of new artisan products are on the scene. Between the various jams, salts, and other condiments, the possibilities for cocktailing are infinite. Among the many new products is ISH, extremely delicious horseradish condiments that comes in two flavors: citrus and beet. Both are spicy, fresh and more delicious than you ever imagined horseradish could be! 

How to use ISH:

bloody mary: add a tablespoon of the beet or citrus ISH to your bloody mary for a spicy and satisfying twist

gin martini: both flavors kick it up a notch in the flavor (and health) department

mimosa: citrust horseradish in a mimosa?! yes please!

screwdriver: citrus ISH gives this drink a spicy punch, and beet ISH also contributes a lovely pink hue

Where to find ISH:

Smorgasburg: every Saturday at the Williamsburg waterfront, 11am-6pm (come hungry!)

Online from the premiumISH.com

many more locations coming soon!